Creating your LinkedIn profile in different languages

Whether it’s because you’re looking for a different career or seeking new business opportunities, having your LinkedIn profile in French, English or any other language, is a definite asset.

First, it shows your mastery of languages, in a country where the majority of recruiters are looking for multilingual employees. You will have a solid advantage over your competitors, whom most likely have written a unilingual profile. Businesswise, it can also open doors to potential customers looking for multilingual collaborators.
Secondly, you will greatly increase your chances of being noticed on LinkedIn. Adding keywords in two languages will allow your profile to turn up in a larger number of searches.

Over thirty languages are available and suggested via this platform. That being said, you should not expect for LinkedIn to translate your profile for you: this is not one of the site’s features. However, it does allow you to keep the same profile esthetic, in both languages, and guides you through the sections that need to be filled out.

Here are the steps to follow, to create your profile in different languages:

1. From the Profile tab, click Edit Profile and then click the link at the right Create your profile in another language.

Mettre son profil Linkedin dans une autre langue_Continuum

2. You’ll access a new page where you will be able to choose your language. Save your information

Mettre profil Linkedin autre langue2_Continuum

3. To administer and manage your profiles according to language, press the desired language at the top right. Then update each section (training, positions …), one by one.
While viewing someone else’s profile, you can check if it’s available in several languages by looking at the top right of the screen and see if the options (e.g.: English, French, Spanish) are present.

Don’t forget that you can share your profile in both languages through the URL. Now it’s your turn to have fun!

Traduction by Tathiana Bertrand

9 juillet 2012